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Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser

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This product uses infrared induction technology and miniature foam pump, which can quickly dispense thick foam. No need of contact and easy to use. It comes with internal 1500mA lithium battery which may last for a long time. You may also use 3 AA batteries as the power for the sensor.


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1. Open the battery compartment on the back, and insert 3 AA battery or use internal rechargeable lithium battery; USB charging port is inside the battery compartment;
2. Remove the soap container and pull out the silicone plug;
3. Pour mixed liquid soap and water(ratio for soap and water can be 1:2 or based on your preference);
4. Plug in the silicone plug and the small tube;
5. Long press the power button till the blue light flashes to turn it on(To turn it off, press the power button until the red light flashes);
6. There are 2 levels for foaming after it is turned on:
a. short press power button once, the blue light will flash, which means level one is activated, i.e. 0.6s foaming;
b. short press power button twice, the green light will flash, which means level two is activated, i.e. 1.2s foaming;

Product Parameters:
Rated voltage:DC4.5V
Rated Power: 5W
Power: Internal 1500mA lithium battery(rechargeable);
3 AA battery
Liquid Capacity: 8.5ozs(250ml)

1. 1x automatic foaming soap dispenser;
2. 1x seamless sticky hook;
3. 1x User Manual;
4. 1x USB cable


1 review for Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser

  1. icanhere

    My kids (6 and 4) love this dispenser. No mess in the bathroom any more.

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